Say or Tell?

Most students confuse these 2 terms, however sometimes I don’t find that surprising considering some books make the explanation seem harder than it really is.

So here’s the trick:

Say SOMETHING (… Say yes, Don’t say that, What would you like to say?)

Tell SOMEONE (tell will most likely be followed by a name or pronoun… Tell him he’s late, Don’t tell Ann about this, What did you tell her?)

So clearly the focus must be either on what —>say    or who—> tell

Keep in mind that English is a language of exceptions and guidelines instead of set rules like Spanish, so our friend ‘tell’ comes with a secret:

tell–>a lie–>the truth–>a secret (because naturally you tell all these things to someone)

And we all know that when it comes to expressions in English all the rules drop to the floor because expressions have a life of their own as I like to say.

‘to tell the difference’ between 2 things means to observe, to point out or state that difference

Can you tell the difference between the 2 pictures?

Take a look at the link and try the quiz at the bottom of the page

Enjoy the weekend!

546682_457833490923207_576466024_n 6609059_f248 girl-talking-boy-s-ear-20565142



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