Why would you eat that?

This past week we’ve been speaking about United Nations’ ‘brilliant’ idea to end world hunger by eating insects. So many cultures have already included insects in their diet and we found out that there are over 1.900 edible species worldwide. The most popular ones are grasshoppers, worms, cockroaches and talking to the students I realized I have a bunch of plate warriors in class that have tried worms & grasshoppers already but also dog, crocodile and this unbelievable cheese you’re about to see.

Spaniards are from my point of view not picky and quite brave when it comes to trying new alternatives or even a tad too exotic dishes.

In my culture at least the younger generation is not very fond of food that looks like something that used to be alive such as…

whole-pig-7… as we see it a bit too graphic and cruel ( sweet hypocrisy since we don’t know how to stuff our mouths with burgers & steaks). Gross or not nothing takes away the fact that insects are indeed nutritious and the attractive factor to food in general  depends more on our social & cultural backgrounds.

Nevertheless we have to respect everyone’s eating habits and once in a while try something new for the sake of it!


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