It’s that time of the year when you gotta get CREATIVE!!

Hi everyone!!

Mancomunidad Pamplona is organizing this wonderful annual painting contest that we attend every year

I think this is a wonderful idea for all of you, you can go with the family, with friends or with your partners. We only pay 7 or 8 euros to the Mancomunidad when we sign up and on the day of the contest in the morning we get up and collect our canvases at 10am. The Mancomunidad gives us the canvas lunch and drinks only to sit and paint in the park. And the painting is yours at the end of the day. The style & technique is up to you and you don’t have to be a pro to attend this contest. You can stick newspaper to the canvas or even draw on it with chocolate 🙂
And when you get tired of painting you just take a break and walk around the park admiring the other masterpieces and artists at work… it’s just like an open air museum…beautiful! Everyone creating, doing art at the same time. If you’re too busy I can sign you guys up as it’s close by (in this case I’m gonna need your details such as address e’mail date of birth and ID). Let me know if you’re interested, I believe it’s a wonderful alternative to spend a Sunday.

Check out the details here



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