Valentine’s Day traditions around the world!

Hi everyone, whereas you’re in love or not LOVE is something that should be celebrated not only with your partner but also with the people that are meaningful in your life. A simple phone call or chocolate can brighten anyone’s day, so I encourage you to be loving towards the ones that matter.

I always complain that people in Pamplona are not romantic, however my students made me see things differently this morning. They don’t like consumerism but they like love and presents that come ‘because it’s Wednesday’ and appreciate gifts where more than spending is involved.

That’s why some prefer to surprise their spouses and do something special when they’re celebrating for instance 5 years/5 months/5 days from the moment they met or got married because we always remember the anniversary date, but few are the ones that keep track of little BIG things like this, and can turn an ordinary day into a beautiful surprise.

Some classified typical gifts as ‘lazy gifts’ and agreed that clicking on purchasing a week in Paris or booking a dinner date somewhere fancy is NOT as fancy heart-wise.

And I couldn’t agree more… love is not about impressing with BIG expensive gestures, but showing you care on a regular basis, respecting their feelings and the ways is which you are both similar and different.

Take a look at how people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day here

and here


Try writing a funny Valentine here


The best V’Day poems will be posted on the blog as soon as everyone completes the activity.

I wish you ALL the love in the world… and ALL the chocolate to go with it!


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