Christmas activities

As every year we need to get ready for the Winter holidays in style. For the past years we enjoyed wonderful classroom activities like creating fridge magnets, making our own Xmas decorations with tinfoil, or graffiti spraying pine cones and covering them in glitter, origami, or last year’s Winter video assignments where we had to speak for 1 minute about a topic of our choice… and the list could go on.

In 2012 we must raise awareness and support a cause for the following year. The cause is up to you, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself with a smiley face on your thumb like this one…

SONY DSC… and send it to me by e’mail at along with the cause you’re supporting or if you’re feeling lazy we’ll just do this quickly in class.

Winter assignment number 2 is a writing task with the title ‘What is love?’ where you have to express how love affects you and how people act when they are in love. Your composition will remain anonymous and will be seen and voted by other students. Whoever gets more votes will receive a surprise present in January 😀

This year I’ll be supporting the trees and these wonderful people that are constantly fighting for the environment.

You can support them on facebook or even make a donation and get a tree planted in your name.

Thank you all for believing and sharing the planet in harmony!


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