It’s a close one! US Presidential elections 2012 Obama vs. Romney

I keep asking myself why do I think so much about politics when it’s a topic I despise more than anything… but then again I remember I’m nosy and I like having an opinion about everything, which is why I’ve been checking out the polls every day for the past month, reading the Washington Post and watching the latest Youtube videos on the matter.

Have you heard about the ‘Election Game 2012’? It’s an App you can install on your smartphones or tablets revealing a strategy game that puts you in the political hot seat. This is one of the many Apps you have at your disposal (some more humiliating than others for the candidates) to get updated on the latest news and have some fun while you’re at it.

Race, unemployment and income are gonna have quite an impact on the outcome and the final result will have a major impact on all of us.

My vision of things is not quite realistic and I’d prefer a president ready to ban all sorts of weapons, defend human & animal rights and end wars (…and the list could go on forever), but something deep inside tells me everything happens for a reason. I just wish less hunger for revenge in their greedy power struggle, perhaps a better healthcare system and more days off for our overworked American friends.

And since I’m at it perhaps a little society brainwash to remove the concept of opulence aka ‘The Biggest Hamburger Syndrome’. Their society constantly teaches them to be the best they can, concepts like ‘you are what you do’ are highlighted that’s why quite a number of Americans work to exhaustion in a race that forces them to prioritize things wrongly, sometimes forgetting about their loved ones, themselves or the joy of living.

It’s ok to make mistakes and not to be the best at times, it’s human and it’s us humans that invented this twisted system that most of the time works against us.

The real change has to happen in the depth of a system to improve the quality of life, healthcare and administration.

An open flexible mind can lead a country to success, a president willing to talk, negotiate rather than attack. However I find it wrong to put all hope in one man… instead we can apply Gandhi’s philosophy and ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’. Take a few steps ahead to change the world ourselves for the better by random acts of kindness, by giving a hand to the one that needs it, by being less snappy and more caring and understanding.

Every day.

The Washington Post

The Electoral Map from 5 days ago


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