Out loud!

Today I wanna concentrate on the quality of a good life-changing speech because speaking, especially with an audience is something that doesn’t come naturally to all of us. When we have a conference, an oral exam or a presentation we must be able to combine  Steve’s uplifting  dreamy energizing words with Obama’s credibility and word management.

The key to a perfect speech is rehearsal, everything else is just proper investigation and making sure your message comes out right. It’s not about the talent, but the dedication and commitment you put into making things right, a 3D vision of things that may answer most of the questions your audience may have while developing conclusions and ideas of their own.

All this while moderating the length of your sentences and focusing more on keeping the message clear, precise and positive.

President Obama likes to deliver a clear message and his strategy is repeating the key words creating emphasis and highlighting words like  ‘I’ and ‘will’ which come first and second on the list.


Notice how he makes a pause for greater effect, brilliant!

And with subtitles…

Myself & politics have nothing in common as I have never voted nor have any intention to vote or support something that turns people against each other instead of encouraging to love and support  one another. But I do admire president Obama for his outstanding qualities like his elegance in speech and presence.


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