Help for difficult times

Many of my students started having English classes last year and this year as well to improve their professional future. Due to the crisis in Spain some of them are hoping to get a better position based on their English level (and it’s actually working considering companies nowadays are interviewing in both languages English and Spanish) and a title is required by employers. From personal experience, students with a title got better jobs and in shorter time than the rest. Preparing students for official exams is easy with the help of the appropriate book and side planning as well. Most students need reinforcement in certain areas depending on their ‘soft spots’ so we cannot rely on the book as the only resource. There are so many books on the market, however I strongly suggest the teacher’s advice when acquiring a book. Because we have to work with so many levels and requirements most of us have a clear idea of what best fits you. Most of my individual students having trouble finding a job have reorientated their priorities and are strongly considering working abroad. I admire and encourage their boldness. Working abroad is not as difficult as you may think. It’s different, but it comes with so many benefits and it’s such a fantastic experience (take my word for it!). Living without your jamon and your family will be the most difficult part, but you will mature a lot in the process and I can guarantee you’ll get a clear picture of what you really want from life.

When preparing for a life changing experience such as working abroad you must prepare 2 things:

a) your resume or CV and cover letter

b) your following interview

Your English doesn’t have to be perfect, but you must decorate your speech with key words and action verbs you can find here:

Researching info about the company you wish to work with is mandatory, but also please take into consideration that times have changed and cultures are different so you must prepare a CV and interview according to the culture you’re willing to integrate in. To make myself clear, some cultures like the American for example accept and encourage idealistic statements like ‘I believe I am the perfect candidate for the job due to…’ whereas Spain is open to a more modest approach and will consider the above statement bullshit. In some countries decorating your CV with a picture of yourself as a future candidate for the job is mandatory while in others it’s not encouraged.

Investigation is the key for success in any case. Here’s some extra help according to the job position you want to apply for:

And the latest yahoo news on our topic:

Please remember to copy the links into your browsers and I wish you all the best of luck! I’d be very grateful to get some tips from people that have applied for jobs abroad or that are already working there.

Latest news, thanks to Raul you can check out these websites in order to look for a job abroad 












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