Take the bus!

Thank you Iñaki (the lawyer 😛 ) for being so in tune with our lesson today.
Taking the bus to work is indeed more environmentally friendly and
sustainable than using the car.

More interesting facts here http://www.humanecologyreview.org/pastissues/her181/stoddart.pdf


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  1. Mr. Hansome
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 11:36:07

    I have come back
    About this theme I believe the follows:

    Andreea you lives in the Yupi’s world. The reason is for example in my case, I can’t go to work in bus because I need to catch two bus and I can wake up two hours before than a normal day.Best option is sleep in the factory.
    Normally when I go to shopping in the centre I’m walking, checking pretty grils
    The problem is people that have old cars or vans(Esan) and it is a smog van.
    Esan you can do two things:
    1.- Gestion your emotion
    2.- Buy a new van

    Andrea , you lost a lot of time in the bus when you can go to work in diferent places.
    You can buy a bike. this option is better than bus

    This comment has been very soft, next will be more hard

    Tomorrow if I have time I’ll talk about the videos

    As said Andreea’s friend (Imbu)

    Very very whises


    • luveustaki
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 12:26:24

      Hello Mr. Handsome, nice to have you back on the blog. If the bus is not an option for you how about taking your own advice and cycle to work? I’m sure we all agree it’s very healthy 🙂

      How is the holly we planted with the class 2 years ago?
      How is Imbu by the way?


  2. Esan
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 13:27:02

    If there were more frequent buses and a wider service I would definitely use the public transport system.
    If I could I would, but there aren’t any scheduled bus services to the places I go. Also Mr. Handsome, my van is only two years old-ECO(80,000 km from new) For my job I need my van. And it pollutes alot less compared to other vehicles on the road, The government should either tax vehicles that are heavy polluters or charge people who want to drive into the city centre(like in London and other European cities)
    We (my wife and I) use the bus in Pamplona, however we walk a lot more as the frequency is not the best. Having said that, compared to Dublin’s public transport system; Pamplona is 100 times better. It is actually quicker to walk from the city centre to the suburbs(5-6kms) than it is to take the bus. Also in Dublin you do not value for money(like everything else!!!!!)


  3. Mr. Hansome
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 15:40:51

    The Holly is dead, Angel was the responsible person take care the holly. In June-10 holly was dead, we did a funeral and every month we pray on the field.
    Now, Imbu works in the 3th floor near your clasroom, he is the boss of a new product, sometimes he ask me about you.
    It is very easy to know that public transport in Pamplona is better than Dublin. I have looking for in wikipedia “Dublin” and it’s pathetic the twin cities with Dublin, Barcelona ,Leon ,Liverpool etc
    Two months ago in Pamplona three people did this experiment. They had to go hospital to city hall in diferent transports( Bike,walk,bus and car) and result was , faster I think bike,walk bus and the end car.
    One question: Andreea, when are you going to pass the driver licence?
    I read in the newspaper that Easter you’ll trip to Bucarest. Spring is very cold in this city

    I think, I have written too


    • luveustaki
      Mar 01, 2012 @ 19:01:29

      I refuse to think the holly is dead, so let’s just say it’s in a better place right now. As for the drivers license, first I have to overcome my ‘moving vehicle phobia’, Esan knows better since he has to bear with me in the car 3 days a week and I suspect someday his patience is gonna run short 😛
      I have a wedding at the end of April in Bucharest, so I’m really looking forward to this trip. Otherwise I’m gonna spend my Easter holidays working. How about you? Any plans?


  4. Mr. Hansome
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 17:57:05

    Andreea be careful in the wedding. In Spain is a tradition, when the boyfriends are cut the dessert with a knife, normally in the top, it is a small toys. This toy is a present from the couple to another person. This person ussually is single, and this is an opportunity to find a boyfriend.
    You must find a god catch in Bucharest.

    I hope spend my Easter touching my………………………………………………………….belly
    Esan would write other word but I’m very polite

    Other day, more and better
    See you in the work drinking a coffe


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