Anger management failed Pepe (AGAIN!)

The first leg of Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey quarterfinal against Barcelona once again carried out several El Clasico constants: There were dives, there were takedowns, there was complaining and, above all else, some wonderful and entertaining football. This time, however, Cristiano Ronaldo cast aside his twin brother Barry (for the first half at least) and opened the scoring in the 11th minute by putting the ball through 1998 hair model Jose Pinto’s legs.


Real held on to its 1-0 lead until halftime, but as tends to happen in these matches, it disappeared soon after when Carles Puyol scored in the 49th minute. With Barca securing an away goal, tensions got hotter and another constant emerged: Angry Pepe decided to he needed to step up his stomping on people game.

So, in the 67th minute, after already being shown a yellow card in the 17th minute, he stepped on Lionel Messi‘s hand. The referee didn’t see it, so Pepe (who has previously been banned for his expertise in back kicking) was able to stay on the pitch until he was subbed off in the 80th minute, but Messi would get his revenge by setting up Eric Abidal of all people for Barcelona’s go-ahead goal in the 77th minute.

The first leg ended 2-1 in Barca’s favor and proved yet another El Clasico constant: Messi doesn’t get angry, he wins.

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Overall it’s disappointing to see this from Real Madrid, this should be quality football and we got something between a circus act and wrestling. Pep and Messi were too kind about the event, and in the end this is the smartest move. They got even more fans now by not lowering to Real Madrid’s level, especially considering Pepe’s place on the evolutionary scale.

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  1. Esan
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 18:55:15

    First off I don’t like football, I think it is one of the most OVER-RATED sports in the world, along with Golf, Basketball and Formula 1. However I do like reading about it in the news papers. Mourinho is not a good manager, even when he was with Chelsea. Guardiola on the other hand, brings the best out in his players, unlike Mourinho.
    Below are some comments about ‘El Clasico(yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn, for me)’ from some English newspapers
    Lets see what you think.

    Pepe is an idiot. Moronhole is just that. And a classless machiavellian thug. And a disgrace to the beautiful game. Come to think of it, he might be well suited to filling Ferguson’s boots one day not too far away.

    Folly VIDEGLAH
    Pepe is a pure durty player. He needs to control his stupid actions. He will hurt his own team by getting ejected if he keeps it that way.

    Lived up to its status “El Classico” and how well it was officiated. No wonder Spain are Euro and World Champs. Can’t wait for Euro 2012 to watch great athletes and pure football.

    richard alford
    Pepe should be ashamed of himself. He is setting a bad example for La Liga and football as a whole. Real played a game full of cheap shots making the honest Barca victory so much sweeter. Congrats to Barca for keeping their cool.

    Messi does spend rather too much time on the floor so being trodden on is bound to happen.

    Pepe is a discrace to football, and if i was a member of spanish liga I would ban him from playing football in my country, this is not the first time he does something outrageous. football should be protected from idiots like that !!!

    pee pee is useless

    Pepe had no choice but to put out there an apology, Marca and AS both Madrid newspapers are unhappy with the incident and are losing faith rapidly with the special one and the negative vibe he generates when these two clubs meets, all this negative approach from the Portuguese and his band of thuggish men are tarnishing a reputable club with rich history, there has always been fierce rivalry with these two clubs but the special one has taken it to another level, Pepe deserves a hefty match ban because it was blatantly obvious his intention stamping on Messi’s hand. Cant stomach the special one and his fellow country men and the sooner he leaves Spain the better, he won one game against Barca which was robbed and the buck stops there, Barca are far more superior to Mourinho’s RM fact and he hates that…. 2 away wins in their own back yard back to back, love it.. now for the home win and it’s bye bye from the competition. 😀

    Ronaldo was immense last night. Got no service in the second half though thanks to Jose’s negative tactics otherwise he’d have had a hat trick.

    As for Pepe, what a disgraceful act by a player that i think is actually pretty good. I hate the fact that he had to do that just because he’s the best, reminds of the treatment Ronaldo got while he was here in England.


  2. luveustaki
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 18:52:24

    Brother Esan you’re a blessing to this blog!


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