Do you normally dream?

What about?

Colour or black and white?

Sweet dreams or terrible nightmares?

Do you think dreams are really trying to tell/warn you about future events?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Handsome
    May 19, 2011 @ 16:34:53

    Hello for eyerybody
    Today I am going to write about the nightmare two tales.
    The first tale:
    This history happened five years ago. When I went to the bed I saw a horrible face.
    This face is similar at the man of the spot 11888, he has the same big ball of black air
    or otrher person is M. Jackson when he was seven years old, for my young friends in the blog
    he can reconozige a Pedro Zerolo or the actor of IT Crow
    After two mounths I tought to visit a picologist, but one day the nigthmare dissapared
    At the end I say who is the person

    The second tale
    I saw aligators, diferent aligators, red,green,withe,pink etc aligators.
    They stared to walk around me, they are smiling and lougthing but suddenly they open their
    mouth and they want to bit me. But I’m Buzzlightyear and my slogan is “Never fear Buzz is here”

    Now I think that I haven’t nigtmare and I don’t remember if my dream is in withe or colour.
    In this moment when I go to the bed before to introduce the second leg I am sleeping.
    Solution for the tales
    First: Charlie the monkey
    Second: Picha Brave

    To be goods and to have a sweet dreams

    Mr. Handsome


  2. Charlie
    May 20, 2011 @ 05:31:54

    Normaly I don’t have drean, but sometimes I have terrorrific nightmares with 2 of my workmade.
    With Mr Hadsome, I dream that comes to my nurse dress, with a short skirt and shirt set,in handbrings a syringe, he (goog she) come smilling.
    That nightmares, that afrait.

    With Seldon Rules, I drean that he that haunts me on a horse with two big guns, and when he is near me,I see that he isn’t angel but he is lucki Luck,

    I think not pass in the future, and I have to go to the doctor, but if I go to the doctor and if I find the nurse Mr Handsome.
    see us


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